Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Learning a rap

On Tuesday of week 8, Room 18 learned a rap with Mr Umu. We were all excited to learn something new with a relever! We all knew that it was going to be very

Learning the rap was enjoyable! It was great that we got to learn it with a talented teacher. Mr Umu was a great tutor and a great teacher! When Mr Umu told us how say the words, we listened. Because we had listened quietly and carefully, we didn't waste time. Listening to him, we got it quickly just like that.

If Mr Umu comes into Room 18, I hope that we will get to learn some other things, like the afakasi song. I am going to be hoping for that day to come. Mr Umu is great at singing and rapping. He is really great, that is why he taught us. Mr Umu ROCKS!

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