Wednesday, October 17, 2012

NIght At The Amusement Park

On a dark boring night, some friends and I decided that we were going to go to the Amusement park in town, to try out the Ferris wheel. Arriving to the park of amusement rides, I was so excited.

Walking into the park from a long distance away, I spotted the Ferris Wheel and this time, it was glowing. As we were walking towards the ride, a lot of people were in the line so we waited. FInally, it was now our turn. Off we go!
During the ride, we were so excited.........................until the Ferris Wheel stopped. We were all freaked out! When it broke down the glowing lights turned off, and thats when we got even scared. We were screaming for help, but for some reason no one heard us, probably because they couldn’t hear us. I was so terrified, that I cried. “Arrhhhhh, can anybody help us,” screamed Lisa.

While crying, I thought about my other friends hoping that they were alright, so I looked down and searched for my friends. While looking down, I saw one of my mates right down the bottom where the ground was, so I called out to her and said, “Mary get out of your seat and go find someone to help us,” but she didn’t hear me.” I screamed out again and this time, she heard me. Mary got out of her seat and went to go look for someone. There I see Mary coming back with a man, so I said to myself, “we are saved.” I didn’t need to worry anymore.

The Ferris Wheel started again, and everybody then noticed that everything was alright.

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