Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Food Technology

This year we year 8’s have been going to technology, as a part of our learning. I have been in food tech, and I have been learning how to cook. Instead of thinking about food, one of the things that I’ve learnt about cooking, is how to rub in all the ingredients together. It is really easy, and we call it the rubbing method.

Thank you Kevin for checking my work.

Wild Ferocious Beast

There lived an old, mighty hunter who taught his children, his ways of searching for his preys. As he gathered his children together, he told them about what he would use to hunt them down. As their uncle told them about their dads life as a hunter, they wanted to be just like him.

Their uncle told them that their dad would hunt for food, for the hungry clan. Tracking and finding a herd of mammoths. Before his kids were even born, he would track the mammoths by small groups.

As it came to the sad part of the story, their uncle  told them that their dad got killed in a hunt from a “bull” mammoth. The kids started to sulk because they didn’t get to see their father again. His son got so angry that he wanted to kill a mammoth himself.

The boy went out to hunt for mammoths and battled them, as well as killing them. He dragged the meat of the mammoth for his family’s feast and brought back the bones of this ferocious beast. They made a flute out of the mammoths bones, and played the beautiful flute in memory of their beloved dad.

Thank you Kevin for checking my work.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rugby...What A Bummer!

I admit I was jealous, but what happened at the game wasn't entirely my fault. There was a girl right next to me that was going for the Sharks but I was going for the Melbourne Storm. I actually didn't want to sit next to someone that was going for the team that I wasn't going for, but these were the only seats available.

I was resigned to the fact that I was in an alien ocean full of predators, so I gave a polite smile at the girl next to me supporting the Sharks. As the game went on I was cheering for the Storm. "Come on guys, you can do this!" as loud as I could. Trying to be louder than the other half of the crowd saying, "Go Sharks"! 

It was almost full time! The Melbourne Storm had the ball, but then it slipped out of Kearn's hand. The Sharks got the ball and kicked it into touch. The Sharks won. 

After the game we walked out of the stadium with pretend happy faces because my team had lost. 

Thank You Mr Wright, from Oakland University, for checking my work and for helping me with
my voice over.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Art Alive

This Term we are learning about Art Alive. Because our theme is about art we have been rotating into different classes, based on our theme. We have been learning about different artist and their styles that they do.

The whole year 7 and 8 classes have been painting and drawing in the artist’s style. So far we have finished all paintings and have brought back a thing or two about their styles and the way that they paint. They painted in strokes and in different other ways.

One of the paintings that I liked was a sunflower that we did with Mrs Nua. I liked the strokes in this painting. This sunflower was by Vincent Van Gogh! I liked it and  this is a picture of my sunflower.

Thank You Jaylee.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Yesterday the year 7 and 8 girls had a fine day of football at Madills Farm in Kohimarama. We played against 4 teams and the first team we challenged was Stanhope. They were really hard in places but we beat them by one point.

Wow, at the last minute Kaloni got the goal so we won our first game. The second team to challenge was Baradene! They were really hard but guess what............we drew the game. During this game, there was a lot of running around trying to get the ball for our team, we were all hoping to get a goal before the other team would, but luckily, we drew the game.

We played other schools, and the last team to challenge was Kohimarama. Unfortunately we lost by one point. The Point England team tried their hardest to get a goal but we didn’t. Because we had lost we found out that we came 3rd in our pool and out of the ten teams, we came 5th.

The girls have improved more this year in the sports than last year.  We enjoyed ourselves, and that was all that mattered.

Thank You Dakota.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Cardiac Arrest (Alexander Dale Oen)

Our class has been learning about a man, Alexander Dale Oen, who has died from a cardiac arrest. He was a great Norwegian swimmer. It was very unusual, because he was only 26 years old. Alexander was a fit man. A cardiac arrest is a abrupt cessation of heartbeat.  It means when something is wrong with your heart. You get a cardiac arrest from the abrupt loss of heart function. Many people die from cardiac arrest.

Thank You Athena.