Thursday, August 25, 2011

Badminton experience

During the week, room 18 and some other classes had the chance to learn how to play badminton. Room 18 were all excited! Going to the hall, we knew that badminton was going to be CHALLENGING.

As we got to the hall, we met with the tutor that we were going to work with. I totally forgot her name! Well any ways, we were all taught how to hit the shuttles with rackets.

It was honestly difficult to hit the shuttle! I was struggling! Because the shuttle didn’t look like a tennis ball, the first time I tried to hit the shuttle, it didn’t work, but then the second time I tried to hit, I DID.

After we had learnt about badminton, we had competitions. It was two against two! Every time one person lost another person had to come on. The competitions were extremely “COOL”.

It was great that we got to experience about playing this sport. I hope that I get to play badminton next time.


  1. Wow thats so interesting.It feels like I was there the whole time i love your badminton post keep it up.And happy birthday Naomi.


  2. Hi Cael

    Thanks for sending me a post. I will make sure that I check out your blog.


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