Thursday, July 26, 2012

Jesse Owens Still Stands Tall

Many athletes have claimed greatness but even among these Jesse Owens stands tall. He was an athlete that beat all of the odds and he even went against Hitler, by taking part in the Olympics in 1936. Hitler didn’t want dark people to compete. Jesse Owens was a strong man who knew what he wanted to do. He knew what he wanted to accomplish and set out to do just that.

As Jesse Owens was young, he was always taking ill. Even though he took ill, he rose above sickness, and throughout his young days suffering sickness, he became one of the world’s great Olympians.

Attending school, his name wasn’t Jesse at all. It was J.C but one of his teachers couldn’t understand what he was saying, due to his accent, so she called him Jesse and it stuck. Jesse Owens would go wild on the playground, always getting into something but then, a high track coach spotted him in the distance and set Owens on the tracks.

Owens knew that his future Olympic successes was with his coach, Charles Riley. According to Jesse Owens, his coach changed his life and America’s history for all time.

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