Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What Makes A Good Athlete

What makes a good athlete? Well my opinion would be, that a good athlete takes natural ability and hard work. To be a good athlete takes dedication, determination and desire, as well as ‘good’ genes.

Take Jesse Owens as an example. He broke the world record when he competed in the Olympics in 1936, but how did he become a champion? Jesse Owens was spotted by a coach while playing at the school playground. Even though there were a lot of kids playing there, Jesse Owens was a standout. This coach’s name was Charles Riley. Because Charles Riley spotted Owens, he took him onto the tracks and trained him until he got older, then he competed in the Olympics because Riley had faith in him!

There are a lot of champions around! All of them I believe have worked hard and used their own natural abilities. Champions have faith in themselves, know what they want to achieve and have people who believe in them. Champions never give up!

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