Friday, September 28, 2012

Stomach Churning

On a hot sunny Monday, me and some friends set off to go to Rainbows End. We were all excited to go on the ride for our first times.

We arrived to the Rainbows End, and not that much people were there, so we all hopped out of the car and went to the counter to pay ourselves in. Just walking through the gate I was amazed to see all of the fantastic rides, but one stand out ride was spotted, and that was the roller coaster. I was so excited!

My friends and I were eager to take a turn, so we went in line and waited till it was our turn. Finally, we were going on, but unfortunately we had to go with only one partner, so I went with Oshania. “Yay,” I said as we were going to sit down. “Buckle up guys,”said the person incharge of the roller coaster. “Off we go,” said Oshania.

We were enjoying ourselves, screaming out woohooo, until....................the roller coaster  stopped. “Arhhh,” I screamed, help help help we’re stuck up top. Oshania and I were so scared, that we thought that this was our last time together as friends. We were still wondering how to get out of the big problem, but we thought that no one would hear us because we were so high up. “Uggh,” worried Oshania. Don’t worry just think of a way to get us out of this mess. “Do you have your phone on you,” asked Oshania, “Umh, oh yes I do, why,” i’ll try to get a signal so that I can call Alisha to tell the man that we’re stuck, because she’s down there waiting for us.” I replied, “Ok.” “I hope this works,” said Naomi,  “just believe in me,” replied Oshania.

“Yes, I’ve got signal,” said Oshania. “Well hurry up and ring,” said Naomi.
“It’s ringing, it’s ringing,” said Oshania. “Hello,” said Alisha. “Alisha, please tell the man down there that we’re stuck on the roller coaster it just stopped”. “Yah I know, it stopped because on of the wires blew up, the electrician is fixing the wire right now..............don’t worry, you’re gonna be alright.”said Alisha. “Thank God,” said Oshania.

Finally, the roller coaster started again, and we both reached our destination safely.

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