Wednesday, October 5, 2011

France and Tonga go head to head

France and Tonga went face to face at Wellington on the 1st of October 2011. Just waiting very patiently for the game to start,
I made a bet with my family and said that Tonga was going to win the game.

It was going to be a very tough game between the two teams. During the game, I believe so that Tonga got the first try! So I cheered and said woooooooooooooo, GO TONGA!

I could not believe it but I thought that France was way better than the other team, but guest what........I WAS COMPLETELY WRONG. Tonga was not better but just Great!

The game had ended off with Tonga winning, so I had won the bet! Hip hip horay!

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  1. Hey Naomi,
    I like your story about TONGA beating FRANCE, I really like how your supporting my team. Oh and did you bet for money.


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