Thursday, November 3, 2011

Trip to Huntley

During the two weeks of school holidays, my family and I went to Huntley for a family reunion. Packing our clothes into our suitcases, we ran into the car and went too our destination. As soon as we got there, we all gathered our luggage together, to put into the bus.

While the bags and suitcases were getting placed into the bus, we said some good byes to the rest that weren’t coming. As soon as we got onto the bus, it left! Just waiting not so patiently, all of us were bored so we fell asleep. Waking up, we all started laughing and all started to sing!

At last, WE ARRIVED IN HUNTLEY! Hopping out of the big vehicle, some very special people welcomed us to their Marae. They were singing in praise that we had finally made it! After a very special welcome, all of us went into the Marae and made our beds.

We were playing all kind of sports, and watched some t.v. There was food prepared for us and much more! I really enjoyed the first day at the Whare Noho! It was great to meet some new people that I had never met before!

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