Friday, November 25, 2011

Tennis practise

TENNIS! Who loves this sport? Well during the past few weeks, Room 18 have been learning how to play this awesome activity, with an awesome instructor.

Friday of last week, we went to the courts near the teachers lunch room at Pt England school, and practised how to play tennis. Just waiting not so patiently to play this sport, we went and prepared ourselves. To play tennis, we had to use rackets to hit the tennis ball, and we needed a net to hit the ball over it.

While we were learning different techniques, we all had to get into partners! One person had to serve the ball and one had to hit it. When it was time to swap over the person who served was the hitter and so on! We all had experienced how to play tennis!

Experiencing how the game of tennis went, there became tough challenges. There was excitement going on and many more! As we participated in this fantastic sport, there were Kings and Queens of the courts. The amount of minutes we spent with the coach was enjoyable.

The key point to learning tennis, was to experience it and to have an awesome time! It was so GREAT!

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