Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Breakfast - Which One For Me?

Is breakfast your most important meal of the day? Nutritionists say that it should be, because it sets you up for the day by refuelling your body after a good nights sleep. Having a healthy breakfast which is low in fat and high in energy will keep me going for the day. For breakfast I have, three 'Weet-bix', a cup of milk and two teaspoons of sugar with a freshly sliced banana on top.

Choosing the right food for breakfast, can be easy if you know what sort of food to eat to help keep your energy levels high. Food and drinks, like smoothies made with fruit, juice or milk will give you lots of energy.

Even though bacon and eggs are really tasty, it is really high in fat. Eating bacon and eggs for breakfast will make you feel full, but later in the day it will make you feel lazy because of the high fat content. I think that bacon and eggs is not a good choice for breakfast all the time, but you can have it as a treat.

I have learnt a lot about healthy food, and making the right choices of food to eat for breakfast. It is good to have breakfast to start you up for the day.

Thank you Vanila.

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