Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Camp Highlights

Camp was great! We did a lot of activities, and my favorite activity was the Amazing race. The Amazing Race was amazing! We made sling shots, and after we had made them we took turns on them. All we had to do was, try shoot our thing that we made out of sticky tape and newspaper. We shot it on a bucket with points on it!

Wow I was so stunned as I aimed our groups sling shot and it hit the 100 points twice. What a shot I said! Every time it hit the bucket, I was filled with excitement! It was a great improvement.

After we had finished playing with the sling shots it was time to do the real Amazing Race. Mr Bark’s gave each group a map, so that we could find the things that we needed. As he gave it to us, he said that we had 19 minutes to find the things and, also to bring it back.

When we got the stuff, we had to return to Mr Barks and tried to create a fire to cook an egg on it. To cook the egg we had to get a tin, wood, matches and an egg. First we had to make a fire, using the wood and matches. As the fire raised, we put the tin over it and scooped some butter to put onto the tin. When the butter melted we cracked the egg and waited for it to cook. As it was on the tin, we waited for to cook.

Finally, it was cooked! When we were finished, Mr Barks sliced our egg and we got to eat it. I had a lot of fun doing the Amazing Race. Hopefully I could do it for our next camp.

Click on the link to see our camp photos.

Thank you Athena for checking my work.

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