Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rugby...What A Bummer!

I admit I was jealous, but what happened at the game wasn't entirely my fault. There was a girl right next to me that was going for the Sharks but I was going for the Melbourne Storm. I actually didn't want to sit next to someone that was going for the team that I wasn't going for, but these were the only seats available.

I was resigned to the fact that I was in an alien ocean full of predators, so I gave a polite smile at the girl next to me supporting the Sharks. As the game went on I was cheering for the Storm. "Come on guys, you can do this!" as loud as I could. Trying to be louder than the other half of the crowd saying, "Go Sharks"! 

It was almost full time! The Melbourne Storm had the ball, but then it slipped out of Kearn's hand. The Sharks got the ball and kicked it into touch. The Sharks won. 

After the game we walked out of the stadium with pretend happy faces because my team had lost. 

Thank You Mr Wright, from Oakland University, for checking my work and for helping me with
my voice over.

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