Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wild Ferocious Beast

There lived an old, mighty hunter who taught his children, his ways of searching for his preys. As he gathered his children together, he told them about what he would use to hunt them down. As their uncle told them about their dads life as a hunter, they wanted to be just like him.

Their uncle told them that their dad would hunt for food, for the hungry clan. Tracking and finding a herd of mammoths. Before his kids were even born, he would track the mammoths by small groups.

As it came to the sad part of the story, their uncle  told them that their dad got killed in a hunt from a “bull” mammoth. The kids started to sulk because they didn’t get to see their father again. His son got so angry that he wanted to kill a mammoth himself.

The boy went out to hunt for mammoths and battled them, as well as killing them. He dragged the meat of the mammoth for his family’s feast and brought back the bones of this ferocious beast. They made a flute out of the mammoths bones, and played the beautiful flute in memory of their beloved dad.

Thank you Kevin for checking my work.

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