Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Fantastic Art Gallery

During the term, we have been learning about artist and their paintings as a part of our topic, “Art Alive”. We have all been learning about  different artists and there was one person that I based my painting on, and that was, Vincent Van Gogh.

Because “Art Alive” is our topic for this term, some teachers helped create an art gallery inside our school hall. As a display for the art gallery, the whole of Pt England School designed paintings and sketches using one of the artist style.

As we all finished our magnificent paintings, it was time to hang it into the art gallery. As soon as all the paintings were done, class by class entered the gallery and looked around at all the beautiful sketches and paintings.

Now it was time for my class to go! Walking to the school hall, I couldn’t be bothered waiting out the door, but just had to. As soon as Mr Harris said, “alright guys come on in,” I ran with excitement and saw all these shining pictures, as if I was in heaven. Just seeing all of these pictures, I said to myself, “we made a great improvement”.

All the pictures looked really nice, so I would encourage all of the parents that have children coming to Pt England School, to take some time to check out your children’s paintings and sketches in our school hall.

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