Friday, June 8, 2012

Netball (Writing Sample)

"Finally" I said! The winter season for netball is now here. Enthusiastically jumping up and down waiting to play.

Well it wasn't that long ago when one day it had come, to be having a fine winter sport played..............and it was my favourite sport that I loved to play, netball. I waited not so long to play this sport, and now this was the day.

The bell went, school has finished, so I ran out of my class as fast as I could and went to the hall to get ready for our first school netball game. Running into the hall, we girls lined up into our teams and listened to what the sports coordinator had to say, and then got dressed into our uniforms. All the teams had a little train before their game, remembering the skills that we were all taught by our wonderful coaches.

Arriving to the courts, it was pouring down with rain, but no fear. The game was still on! The team that we were going to face was Saint Mary's. Luckily the game hadn't started, so at the courts we had a little more practise before the big game. The hooter went on so it was time for us to play. On the first quarter our team got the shot in, and then it went on and on.

We had a great game! I was so caught up in the moment that we did really well. The whistle blew, that meant that it was all over. The final score was five all. We were all so proud that we didn't lose and also because we all worked as a team. Team means (together everyone achieves more).  

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