Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Netball With Liz

On Thursday, we were going to play Netball, but it was so hot that I was burning with flames. Hot, hot, hot, is all I could moan about. Dripping sweat falling from my face, downwards.

Lining up to play Netball, we all got ready to go to the courts. Waiting not so patiently, I said to myself, sweat, sweat, sweat yuck! I wandered when will the sun cool down.

Arriving to the netball courts, we met a coach named Liz. She was our tutor for netball! Liz taught us some skills and drills on how to play this sport! After that it was time to play four corners.

Four corners, was kind of like netball, but it’s just that the hoops were dots. We got in to teams and played for the rest of our session. When this had finished we headed back to the classroom for morning tea.

I enjoy my time playing netball! It was a lot of fun, that I can not wait to go to another session with Liz

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