Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Start to the term

Boy, I slept badly last night! All night I tossed and turned just like a dog. Twisting and turning, moaning and groaning!

Waking up from a terrible sleep, I hoped out of my bed and got ready for a wonderful start to the term at school. Getting ready to go to school, I wondered what class I was going to be in. I was HOPING to be in a different class instead of being in the one that I was in last year!

Arriving to Pt England school, I was looking around just thinking that I was new. Seeing all my friends with excitement, I hugged them happily. Now it was time to see what class I was in.

In the street, Mrs Nua was going to tell us what class we were all in, so I waited for her to say what my room number was. Room 19 was the class that she said I was in. Boy, was I glad!

I met new class mates and our new teacher, and worked and worked and worked. It was so great on the first day! I ENJOYED it!

The first day of school had ended, so all of the students went back home.What a fabulous start to a new year!

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